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The Obvious Seems Oblivious Too

“The Obvious Seems Oblivious Too” is a short with Serious Klein. It deals with the conflict between topics such as music, money and his past.

Which experiences change our future and therefore the way the artist’s performance? The songs subtly deal with these aspects among others. The cinematic examination and execution allows the audience a metaphorical insight into the life of Serious Klein.

“Making a mockery of life with your money making motivation. You’ve got it all, you think. Money, hoes and clothes, you think of day in and day out. No way you want to get out. Which way to take to get out? Life or death. You decide.”


Director: SNTFLUT

Concept: SNTFLUT

DOP: Daniel Obradovic


Production: grown

Co-Production Berlin: Modest Department


Producer: Laura Napp

Co-Producer Berlin: Benjamin Markstein

Line Producer Berlin: Chiarra Noack

Edit: Gerrit Piechowski

Additional Edit: Luca Röser

VFX: Thorben Winkler

Motion Design: deveroe

Artwork: Unfun

Composing: Not A Machine

Sounddesign Mixing: Moritz Staub

Grading: Marina Starke

AC: Joey Roesgen, Sebastian Sellner, Sophia Fenn

2nd AC: Barton Kirchmann

Gaffer: Thorben Winkler, Barton Kirchmann, Jakob Sauermilch

Dolly Grip: Jens Vetter

Sound: David Lasota, Clemens Florack, Paul Schön

Blackcam Operator: Jan Karabasz

180 ° wheel Operator: Chris Baur

Steadycam Operator: Yoshua Berkowitz

BTS: Marius Knieling, Marco Klarhold, Thomas Kuznik


Talent: Aaron Amankwaah, Lukas Tanz, Hendrik Maaß, Gabriel Selassie, Haile Iskel, Anthony Wills, Nelson Mvuama, Emmanuel Amakoa Jansen, Jerrad Adomah

Talent: Agency:inside management

Voice: Marion Maame


Special Thanks: Mira Um, Red Bull Studio, Farbfernseher Berlin, Arri Rental, FGV Rental, Vantage Berlin, Camcar, Cineone, Ludwig Kameraverleih